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Because Snacking Should Be a Joy, Not a Guilt Trip

Date Better Snacks

Hey there, fellow snack lover! We're Date Better Snacks. Our mission is to help you snack your way to a better life. Remember the joy of biting into a chocolate-covered treat, or the comforting embrace of creamy nut butter? We missed that feeling too. And so, in 2022, with a sprinkle of nostalgia and a whole lot of passion, we decided to revamp the snack game.

Our Little Adventure

It all started in a home kitchen, with an idea: “What if we take nature's candy - the Medjool date - and give it a little twist?” After a bunch of (delicious) trial and error, we landed on our product line: a fresh-ground nut butter stuffed Medjool date, all dressed up in a coat of rich 85% organic chocolate. And the cherry on top? Less than 1 gram of added sugar. Yep, we couldn't believe it either!

Medjool Dates: The Unsung Heroes

Ever met a Medjool date? They're sweet, plump, and oh-so-nutritious. Dubbed the "King of Dates", these beauties come packed with vitamins, minerals, and a bunch of good vibes. 

What We Stand By

  • Real Good Quality: From handpicking the finest Medjool dates to melting the perfect chocolate, we’re all about giving you the best.
  • Always Exploring: Sure, we’ve made something pretty awesome, but why stop there? We're always in the kitchen, whipping up something new.
  • Loving the Earth: Our planet’s been good to us, giving us all these tasty ingredients. So, we make sure we’re good right back with eco-friendly choices.

So, ready for a snack that’s all heart and a whole lot of flavor? Dive in with us!

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