Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Roses are red, violets are blue, our dates taste great and they’re good for you, too.

This Valentine’s Day, why settle for sugary sweets without the substance? It’s time to level up your standards and ghost those one-night snacks. Good thing our heart-healthy dates always have your best interest in mind. Packed with superfood ingredients like creamy, freshly ground nut butters, decadent 85% organic chocolate, and dreamy Medjool dates, they’re full of fiber, potassium, and less than 1 gram of added sugar. That’s probably why they’re the perfect V-Day dates.

Need a little giftspiration this sweet season? Here’s how to create the ultimate DIY Valentine’s Day gift basket starring Date Better Snacks—all in 3 simple steps.

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  • What’s a Valentine’s Day gift basket without, well, the perfect basket? Give your gifts the ultimate place to call home, whether it’s a cute box, basket, bucket, or even bowl. You can source them online, from your local thrift shop, or even repurpose something in your own stash for a sustainable spin. Besides, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts…   

  • Stuff

  • It’s time to bring your valentines gift box to life. Date Better Snacks come perfectly packaged in giftable boxes to make things easy! Arrange the boxes in your gift basket and round it out with goodies like candles, flowers, a book, skincare, coffee, wine, or mini cocktails. Personalize it by taking a themed approach and celebrating whatever your someone special loves, from movies and sports to self-care and every interest in between.  

  • Style

  • Now you’re ready to add the finishing touches to your Valentine’s Day gift basket! Wrap it in festive cellophane, add red ribbons, balloons, or valentine stickers. Don’t forget to customize it with a printable gift tag or special note. 

    There you have it! A personalized DIY Valentine’s Day gift basket in no time. 

    But wait—are you wondering which Date Better flavor to gift (or fall in love with yourself)? We’ve got you! Here’s a little speed dating sesh to find the ideal Valentine’s Day date.

    What’s Your Type? 

    You’re craving: A timeless classic you can always count on. Mom approved.

    Your date match: Peanut Butter Crunch will make your heart go pitter patter.    

    You’re craving: A partner that picks you up when you’re feeling blah.  

    Your date match: Almond Java Crunch was made for you. 


    You’re craving: A fun fling that keeps you guessing. Nothing serious, just seriously good.

    Your date match: Cashew Lime Crisp is the summer love that’ll always linger. 

    You’re craving: A sweet vacay romance. They said it wouldn’t last. And they were right.

    Your date match: Limited-edition Hazelnut Praline. Here for a good time, not a long time.

    Not ready to settle down just yet? Keep your options open with our 4 Flavor Variety Pack. Be sure to order by February 10th to get your Valentine’s Day gifts delivered in time for February 14th.

    P.S. - Riding solo? Singles Awareness Day is February 15th and we fully support treating yourself to the dates of your dreams.

    Leave a comment below with the Date Better flavor that makes you swoon! 

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