Women's Month Founder Feature

Women's Month Founder Feature

In Celebration of Women’s History Month:

Founder Feature

Who runs the world? Girls! This Women’s History Month, join us in honoring all of the amazing contributions of women around the world—including our very own Founder, Michelle Valdez-Wilton. This month, we’re diving into the inspiring story of how she built Date Better Snacks and learning a few fun Founder facts, too. 

The Sweet Backstory

Despite their yummy, caramel-like flavor, believe it or not, Medjool dates haven’t always had the best rap. So, Michelle set out to change that—all while creating a healthy way to satisfy her very own sweet tooth.

But she’s not just a dessert girlie.

During the pandemic, Michelle’s two Eagle Rock, CA, restaurants, Four Cafe and Penny Oven, temporarily closed down. She decided to tap into her culinary background and dream up a new packaged food business in the face of uncertainty. Michelle landed on creating an indulgent treat that was also healthy, clean, and wholesome—something that could replace a candy bar craving.

After testing endless date flavors in her own kitchen (and getting rave reviews from friends and family), yours truly was officially born in February 2022. With a small, grassroots team, Michelle brought her magical Medjool dates to her favorite local grocery stores, offering samples in hopes they might stock them. And as it turns out, they couldn’t resist! 

Her momentum gained quickly, and now, Date Better Snacks are proudly sold in hundreds of stores across the country. Since then, she’s won awards, pitched at huge events, and kicked off dream partnerships with companies like Alo Yoga and tons more.

You could say all of Michelle’s wildest date dreams are coming true!

Meet Michelle

But, what about the juicy details? We went on a little speed dating sesh to get to know our fearless leader just a bit better. Here’s one minute with Michelle:

What’s a fun fact about you? I’m a trained pastry chef! I love testing new recipes and baking breads, cakes, and pies.

What’s your go-to Date Better flavor?
That’s like picking a favorite child! I love them all, but if I have to choose one, I’d say the Peanut Butter It’s a combination I’ll just never get tired of eating.

Standard coffee shop order?  Matcha with almond milk

 Favorite food?  Tacos! Can never get enough..

Dream Date Better brand collab? Ohh I am a big fan of Ground Up PDX who not only has delicious products but also has an incredible mission by  providing job opportunities to woman overcoming adversity through an employment training program.

What’s next for Date Better? A new item launch…its made with dates and rhymes with park…
Best advice you’d give to other women Founders? Don’t let the drama get to you. Seriously, life and work can throw a lot at us, but try not to take everything to heart. It's like, remember how we used to be as kids? All curious and playful without a care in the world? That’s the vibe to channel even when you’re deep in the hustle.
And about FOMO – it's a real thing, but it doesn't have to rule our lives.  It's easy to feel like you’re missing out, especially when you see everyone else's highlights. But sticking to what genuinely resonates with you, following your gut—that’s where the magic happens. Your path is yours, and it’s the passion that will truly make your business shine.

In Good Company

This Women’s History Month, we’re so grateful to be in amazing company and support other small businesses led by inspiring women. Here are a few of our favorites! 

Kristin from Root and Splendor ; Illa from Parch; Daniela Jensen of Big Picture Foods; Jessyca Dewey of Y collecive; Co-Founder Junea Rocha of @brazi_bites recently honored us as the winner of their Latino Entrepreneur Accelerator Program! They make it easy to enjoy authentic Brazilian delights anytime with an array of fantastic finds in a freezer aisle near you. 

Have a woman-founded brand you love? Drop it in the comments and let’s spread the love this Women’s Month and beyond!
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